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Here you can find some of the fine sold horses.
If you, or a previous owner have bought a horse from us, you are welcome to update the news about your horse!

Onnipoika 2318-89R

2018 Pakastesiementä Ordenojan Oriasemaltaonni3

Onnipoika oli tyypiltään kevyt, korkea- ja joustavaliikkeinen ori, joka myös hyppäsi hyvin. Luonteestaan Onnipoika oli rauhallinen ja mutkaton käsitellä. Ajohevosena Onnipoika toimi myös hyvin, Aimo Viitasen mukaan “on kuin mersulla ajelisi”, mutta korkeiden jalkaliikkeittensä takia Onnipoika ei soveltunut kilpajuoksijaksi.

Onnipoika hyväksyttiin ratsujalostukseen II-palkinnolla, mikä korotettiin Heidi Sindan ratsastamana koulukilpailutuloksilla I-palkintoon.

Onnipoika  Laaksolla Jutta Koivula 001
Nuorten hevosten katselmuksessa Onnipoika sijoittui toiseksi saavuttaen hyvät arvosanat hyppäämisestä. Irtohypytyksessä ori sai 9-9-9 ja ratsastajan kanssa 9-8-9. Ori hyppäsi rohkeasti ja epäröimättä myös maastoesteitä.
Ruotsin ratsastusmekassa Flyingessä Onnipoika  herätti ihastusta olemuksellaan ja nopealla oppimiskyvyllään. Göran Lindrstandin ohjaulsella ori koulutettiin eteenpäin kouluratsastusliikkeissä ohjasajon avulla jopa piaffin alkeisiin saa?ka.
Onnipoika on saanut jälkeläisluokka-arvon L3 I. Sillä on neljä jalostukseen hyväksyttyä orijälkeläistä.
Onnpoika lopetettiin korkean ikänsä vuoksi vuonna 2009 ja orin pakastesiementä on käytettävissä vuoden 2018 tä jalostukseen.


Onnipoika 4kk  001


Linghson RS

Soft lovely dressage gelding for competition.A real joy to ride!
Born: 2010 Sex: gelding Color: gray Height: 167 cm
Pedigree: Lingh-D-Day-Welt As
Breeder Michelle Johnsson-Perned, Sweden
Picture and pedigree at the SWB Blup.Forward going, easy to handle, well educated, sound.
Changes in series started, good pirouttes.
Sold to Skåne Sweden.

Holz Kobolt

Holz Kobolt
Born: 2013 Sex: gelding Color: bay Height: about167 cm growing
Pedigree: Cababchon – Cardento – Trobolt
Breeder: Hannah Torgander, Sweden
Holz Kobolt was bought by me the day he was born! His mare line is family Torganders secure lines which produces high level horses all the time!Holz Kobolt is a half-brother (out of the same dam) as the approved stallion Al Cendo, owned and ridden by Peter Eriksson. Al Cendo has several prizes from 150 classes. A half sister is competing 140 classes in Mexico.Holz Kobolt is a well mannered gelding with a very good jumping talent and scope. He has strong well formed legs and well built skeleton. He is X-rayed with no remarks, even the back is X-rayed. He will make an international level show jumping horse.Loose jumping at You Tube. An other round at YouTube.

New Dream SWB

New Dream SWB
Born: 2013 Sex: mare Color:bay Height: about 167 cm growing
Pedigree: New Port-W 1314 – Lados – Welt As
Breeder Katri Wäyrynen, Horses on Request
New Dream SWB is from the second year of New Port-W 1314 offspring. Her dam sire a holstainer stallion  Lados (Landgraf – Calvados I) was a very successful stallion together with Peik Andersin, Finland. Her dam, a FWB mare Wealthy Dream, achieved class one in the Swedish three year old testing. She has only one eye because of an injury.New Dream SWB is a forward thinking well moving and jumping, brave mare, which has a super attitude for work and competing.In training at Johanna Wall, Sweden.Sold to Saga Wahlman, Södra Sandby, Sweden

New Morning SWB

New Morning SWB
Born: 2011 Sex: mare Color: bay Height: 166 cm
Pedigree: New Port-W 1314 – Feliciano – Voltaire
Breeder Katri Wäyrynen, Horses on Request
The first offspring to New Port-W 1314. New Morning SWB has always been a beautiful horse. She jump’s well, she is brave and she has a super temperament. She is broken-in and easy to ride.She is  Registered at the Swedish registry SWB with full pedigree. Her dam is a half sister to the stallion No Worries, which has a prize from all the Breeders Trophy finals from age 3 to 7 and from 150-classes.Sold to Annica Wahlman, Sweden

New Morning SWB born 2011



MSK Concerta

MSK-Concerta-Johanna-wall-hopp MSK-Concerta-Johanna-Wall-trav
MSK Concerta: a young quality mare
Born: 2011 Sex: Mare Color: Brown Height: 166 cm
Pedigree: Centimor – Loutano – Famos
Breeder: Mari Saari-Kivistö, Finland, FWB
A young promising filly for dressage, showjumping or eventing. Vet cheked, X-rayed and totally sound. Out of one of Finlands top show jumping mares Granada competed by Mikael Forsten.MSK Concerta attended the Champios of the Youngsters as her first comeptition year 2015. At quality competition 2015 she achieved class one both is dressage and jumping.A video from the Champions of the Youngsters with Johanna Wall.A video from the Champions of the Youngsters with Jörgen Larsson.A video from the Flyinge qualification day I

A video from Flyinge qualification day II

Sold to Karolina Strid, Sweden



Garesse, a top broodmare from the Netherlands
Born:1988 Sex:Mare Color:Brown Height:169cm
Pedigree: Voltaire – Gag xx – Gondelier
KWPN mare imported in Sweden year 2003
Garesse has competed up to 130 classes in Showjumping before her injury. She has achieved the studbook letters AB in Sweden. Three out of her nine foals are born in Sweden:2005 stallion No Worries ( by No Limit, KWPN), 49 points and a diploma as a showjumping horse. He was also third at the Breeders finals for 3 year old jumping horses and second at the Breeders finals for the four year old jumping horses, being the best SWB horse2007 filly Finesse (by Feliciano, SWB) 45 points as a foal. Now one of our broodmares.2009 filly Be Happy (By Hip Hop, SWB) 46 points as foal. Now waiting for hers second foal and then she will be come to training as a show jumping horse. Garesse was put down year 2012


Amurette: Well educated and experienced dressage mare
Born:1995 Sex:Mare Color:Brown Height:164cm
Pedigree: Amiral – Utrillo – Chanteclair xx
SWB mare bred by Bertil Nilsson, Dalby, Sweden
Amurette achieved class one as a dressage horse at her 3 year old test. She placed at the Breeders finals as a 6 year old. She also attended the World Championships for the disabled riders in Moorsele year 2003. There she was ridden by the Olympic bronze medalist Marita Tevali. Amurettes mare Ultana is one of the last mares directly by the breeding Matador Utrillo. Ultana is an Elite broodmare. Her first foal Opal was a part of the Swedish dressage team. Amurette`s whole sister, diploma mare Amira, is exported to USA and half sister Mazurka, by Master, is exported to China.Foals:2011 a Colt Hot Feelings Z by Blue Hors Hotline. Sold to Germany.
2013 a filly New Amira by our New Port-W
Amurette is now back to her breeder at Dalby, Sweden

Be Happy

Be Happy0782
Be Happy: Half sister to No Worries and Finesse
Born:2009 Sex:Mare Color:Brown Height:growing
Pedigree: Hip Hop – Voltaire – Gag xx
SWB mare bred by Katri Wäyrynen
Be Happy achieved 46 points as a foal. Achieved 23, 5 points at the mare inspection.2013 a colt New Hope SWB by our stallion New Port-W2014 a filly Be Flexible by the World Cup 2012 winner Flexible.
She is broken-in, very kind and cool horse.Sold to Sweden

Dream Wealthy

Dream Wealthy

Born: 2008 Sex: Mare Color: gray Height: growing

Pedigree: Celano- Lados – Welt As

KWPN mare bred by Katri Wäyrynen

2013 a colt New Deal SWB by our stallion New Port-W

Sold to Sweden