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Here you can find some of the fine sold horses.
If you, or a previous owner have bought a horse from us, you are welcome to update the news about your horse!


Rebecka: Swedish Warmblood diploma mare to  New York, USA
Born: 1998 Sex: mare Color: brown Height: 162cm
Pedigree: Robin Z – Eminent – Mowgli
The same owner has bought three other diploma mares: Okinawa, Myrra and Chintz and has started a sucessfull breeding of the Swedish warmblood in NY , USA. Chintz is by Master, the BLUP winner in gaits year 2003 and out of Chardaz, the winner of the family Tatis Andersson price of a successful broodmare in Sweden year 2003.

Cafe Con Aqua

Cafe Con Aqua: Finnish Warmblood, diploma mare, to Sweden

Born: 1995 Sex: mare Color: chestnut Height: 167cm
She won everything in Finland as a young horse.She has already prizes in Sweden.

Mambo King

Mambo King: Swedish Warmblood to  New York, USA
Born: 1996 Sex: gelding Color:  bay Height: 165 cm
Pedigree: by Master  out of Drusilla
He has achived diploma in dressage as a 3 year old and competed the 4 year old eventing championships in Sweden. Super temperament and loves his owner.


Calvados: German Holstain Warmblood to Finland

Born: 1996 Sex: gelding Color: brown Height: 172cm
Pedigree: Calando I – Anthonysdream xx
Very soft ridden gelding with high capacity for dressage.Calvados has enjoyed the winter as a jumping horse at his owners Masters of riding course and now he has got his first rosett in the national dressage competitions !
Just wait and see….


Reggae: a well started gelding to Finland
Born: 1999 Sex: gelding Color: black Height: 165cm
Pedigree: Regazzoni – Urbino – Napoleon – Brabant – Lansiär
Reggae´s dam Ubrina 25806 is  sold to Norway as a broodmare. He has one older half sister which has got klass one at the quality competition. He has one younger halfbrother and one younger half sister growing at the breedeer. His grand dam is a full sister to USA sold breeding stallion Vivaldi.

Reggae has light uphill gaits.

Good luck for the competitive career!



Penfold : Swedish Warmblood diploma gelding to Finland

Born: 1996 Sex: gelding Color: brown Height: 167cm
Pedigree: Robin Z – Eminent – Mowgli
Penfold was the best showjumpinghorse at his 3-year old test in Sweden. Next year in Finland he won the qualitycompetition of all Finland .As 7-year old he won the open Finnish 7-year showjumping championships with his new owner Peik Andersin. Time shows us how far Penfold will come as a competition horse.

His whole sister, diploma mare Rebecka, is mentioned later on this page.

Congratulations to Peik Andersin!


Vermouth: Swedish Warmblood breeding stallion to Texas, USA

Best in Show in Two major shows in Texas!

Born: 1988 Sex: stallion Color: black Height: 167cm
Pedigree: Martini – Kaliber
Sire of Werner, USDF training level winner year 2003. The same owner bought also the gelding Dali out of the famous broodmare Marlén. Vermouth has been twice Champion and once a reserve Champion in Texas. This all within 9 months after his arrival to Texas. Dali is the local champion on his dressage level (young horse).
Congratulations to Tailwindsfarm!


Second on the 3 year test finals of all Sweden

Born: 2001 Sex: mare Color: bay Height:
Pedigree: by Master – out of Chardaz – by Ciceron
Emerald´s dame  Chardaz is the winner of the year 2003 family Tatis Andersson price   which is given to the best broodmare of the year in  Sweden. Her sire Master leads the 2003 BLUP statistics on gaits. Her full sister was placed fourth at the finals when she was 3 years of age and one full sister is exported to USA.Emerald´s half brother out of same dam was approved as a showjumping stallion year 2003.Emerald herself achieved 52 points in total at her 3 year old test this year as a dressage horse. Her score was 9 for the type, 8 head neck and body, 8 for legs, 9 for walk, 9 for trot, 9 for canter.We bought Emerald year 2012 and she has a colt by Sandro Hit born 2014.She is covered with Ampere 2014.


Valkyria jumping.jpg  )
Valkyria: an elegant mare by Vermouth

Born: 2001 Sex: mare Color: bay Height: growing
Pedigree: Vermouth 858 – Wartung 630 – Ceylon 454
Valkyria became class one foal in the foal inspection. She has light elastic trot and good conformation. As a 3 year old she achieved 45 points as both dressage and showjumping horse making her class one horse in both disiplines.Valkyria has also shown a good ability to jump and she jumps everything ! Her dam was competed in three day eventing and she is now over 20 years of age and has never been injured. Her whole sister is a diploma mare in gaits .Valkyria became class one horse in both dressage and showjumping at her three year old test. For jumping she achieved 7 8 and for her conformation she achieved 8 8 7 8 7 7 = 45 points and class one. Valkyria has already got prizes in showjumping in Finland.

Congratulations to Satu Sihvonen and co-owners, Finland


Witchery: an excellent broodmare

Born: 1998 Sex: mare Color: gray Height: 169cm
Pedigree: D-Day – Welt As – Wrede
Witchery is the dam of Waldfee, a diploma mare by Davinci.Witchery is also the dam of Wald Hit, the Flyinge champion foal at 2005. Wald Hit is by Welt Hit II. Witchery is already bred to the succsessfull stallion Rambo.
Congratulations to Maud Persson!